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Vikos Gorge: the kingdom of the river and the eagles

A unique geological phenomenon: a schism in the earth that could have only been created by a divine hand. The narrowest section of the two sides is just 1,100m wide and its depths reach 900m. The Vikos Gorge is the realm of eagles, of rare medicinal herbs and steep vertical rocks. It begins from the bridge of Kokoros and ends at the bridge of Aristi. Passing through it is an experience of a lifetime.

Drakolimni – a lake attraction

This alpine lake is shockingly beautiful. It has a mythical dragon but also many real drakakia (small dragons) that are actually microscopic amphibians called alpine newts. It’s perhaps the only trace we have of the Ice Age. To reach it, allow for 1 hour by car from Vitsa.

The incredible art of stone

Kalogeriko: the most beautiful stone bridge in Greece and one of the most beautiful in the Balkans. The fluid movement and harmonious line of its three arches are what sets it above the rest. ‘A moving caterpillar’ is how the rhythmical movement of its three stringers has been described. It’s located just outside the village of Kipi and it connects the banks of the Bagiotiko River.

There are even more masterly crafted stone bridges to visit: the Kokoris (or Noutsos), between the Koukouli and Kipi villages, the bridge of Misios, at the Vikos Gorge and Milos near Kipi village.